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Cthulhu Cantata available on

The original post for the release is here. After giving it a year out there on the various music platforms on the interwebs, the Cthulhu Cantata is now available on my own site. You can order the physical CD from the Scores, Parts & CDs page or the mp3s from the Audio page. Here is a 5 star review from the online store of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society:

"The performances, both instrumental and vocal, are excellent, with good ensemble and accurate pitch. The singers enunciate their texts clearly; this is no small matter. Lovecraft was an amateur philologist who logically believed that alien languages would be nearly unpronounceable by humans. It's a detail that enhances the work but isn't easy for human singers. The Arkham Choir does a yeoman job in making sense of it all."

This work was truly a lot of fun to compose and produce. The performances from the musicians and singers are nothing short of inspiring. The production is pristine and well balanced.

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