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Drumming To A Different March

I was born in 1969 in Vineland, NJ and grew up in Philadelphia. I was obsessed with music as far back as I can remember. My parents had an electric organ and from about age 3, I would plug the headphones in explore how this amazing thing in the room made sound. I began teaching myself to play guitar around age 5 with a book of 10,000 chords. I grew up on Classic Rock, Soul Music, Funk & Country. My favorites were the Classical 8 track tapes. I've always sought out interesting things to listen to.

I went to Community College Of Philadelphia from 1989-1991 for Music Composition studying with Dr. John Dulik. Then I transferred to West Chester University to study with Drs. Larry Nelson and Robert Maggio. I am a semi-pro musician working as a guitarist, singer, arranger and composer. I'm also a computer programmer.

I have composed music for two short films: Willy Will (2005) and Lost Reflections (2003) as well as content for web sites. In 2012, I co-wrote a burlesque musical It's A Wonderful Christmas Carol Story (Life) as well as numerous dance pieces and musical numbers for The Peek-A-Boo Revue live performances. I try to write at least one significant composition per year. 

My influences include Bach, Schubert, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Bartok, Debussy, Shostakovitch, Messiaen, Zappa, Coltrane, Stalling, Zorn, Glass and an unwholly host of others.

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